LS-3 Series Single-Point Level Switch

Buy LS 3 Series Small Size Single Point Float Level Switches at Gems Sensors

The durable construction of these reed switch designs ensures long, trouble-free service. Because the effects of shock, wear and vibration are minimized, these hermetically sealed level switches provide precise repeatability with no more than 1% deviation. The level switch actuation points remain constant over the life of the unit.

Ideal for shallow tanks or restricted spaces, or for any low-cost, high volume use. LS-3 Series are available in FDA/NSF compliant materials upon request, consult Gems for details.

NEW LS-3 MICRO: Gems' newest addition to the LS-3 series family is the LS-3 Micro. It is the smallest LS-3 series switch available. These units are ideal for potable water, medical devices and other compact appliances such as printers. Gems LS-3 Micro float enables use in lighter-than-water fluids. These switches are also made with FDA compliant material, which expands the scope in which these floats can be used. 

  • Solid Foamed Polypropylene Float Offers Narrower Design - only 3/4" (19 mm) Wide for Tight Spaces
  • Polysulfone Float: For Water Based Liquids, With Limited Use in Oils and Chemicals
  • Polypropylene Float (hollow): Features a Low Specific Gravity Float Offering Broad Chemical Compatibility.
  • Polypropylene Float (Solid): With Polypropylene Stem and Float, Switch Offers Broad Chemical Compatibility.
  • Buna N Float: Ideal for Oils and Fuels
  • ALL-PVDF: Stem and Float of Corrosion-Resistant PVDF for Ultra-Pure Applications.

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