XM-350 in Medical Diagnostics


Medical diagnostic equipment is crucial to help medical personnel detect certain compounds and form a medical treatment from those results.  One aspect of medical diagnostic equipment is the use of reagents.  When thinking back to Chemistry class, reagents will cause a chemical reaction when mixed with another compound, either organic or inorganic.  Therefore, when certain known reactions occur, the reagent can be used to indicate that a certain substance is present. 


One common use for reagents is to test for illegal drugs.  Another use we’re all too familiar with was the use of reagents to test for COVID-19.  Reagents are used in both the antibody testing and the PCR-based testing.  Depending on what type of reagent is used and what it is trying to detect can dictate how complex the test procedure is.  The methodology can vary from a simple kit where the color will change based on a certain compound detected or can be more complicated and involve laboratory equipment like chromatography.  Whichever method is used, the common ingredient is always the use of reagents.    


Reagent material is therefore a vital media that needs to be stored and measured accurately.  The complexity of the reagent fluid also makes it expensive and thus even more necessary to use only the smallest amount possible per test.   


Challenge:  Sourcing a high-quality level sensor that is chemically compatible with reagents and also have an integral plumbing connection to pump the fluid out within one tank port.

Solution: Gems XM-350 Level Transmitter

Gems XM-350 level transmitter is constructed of all premium plastic components which ensures high chemical compatibility with the reagent fluid.  With a max temperature range of 210 degrees Fahrenheit it can withstand being in a heated tank or bottle and still provide an accurate level measurement.  Gems XM-350 level transmitter has a unique design that includes an integral siphon or fill tube that parallels the float stem.  With the plumbing tube extending to the bottom of the tank, this allows operators to pull the maximum amount of reagent within the tank.  As mentioned earlier the reagent fluid can be costly so optimizing its use is critical to ensuring efficient medical diagnostic equipment. 


Gems unique design of including the plumbing connection within the same mounting as the level transmitter reduces the number of tank connections.  This reduces potential leak points from a few down to one.  In addition, it eliminates any side mounted ports which are more prone to leaking than top mounted versions.  Having one port connection to make also decreases installation time which saves labor and complexity.  


With the float-based design the level measurement is not affected from changes in temperature or pressure.  In addition, since it is a direct reading and not an inferred reading like through the air methods, it is reliable and long lasting.  Gems XM-350 level transmitter is an excellent solution for measuring reagent fluid within medical diagnostic equipment!