Marine Tank Level Monitoring with 5000 Series Pressure Sensors


Marine vessels use large liquid storage tanks for various applications.  Some tanks are for potable water, some tanks are for dirty water (water used for washing), some tanks store sea water for ballast and even tanks holding diesel fuel and lubricating oil for the engines. 

As the vessels are moving thru the seas, the fluids in these tanks can slosh around fairly aggressively.  When this happens, the traditional float and stick liquid level sensors can give false readings or even get damaged, even if there are baffles in use. 

Challenge:  Accurately measure fluid tank level while being sloshed around and survive life at sea  

Traditional continuous liquid level measurement uses a float that travels up and down a stem.  The stem has sensors inside of it that detects the position of the float to provide an electrical output respective to the level of the liquid that the float is measuring.  As these floats ride up and down the stem during rough seas, they can get damaged or even damage the stem.  This can lead to a false reading. 

Solution:  The Gems 5000 Series Pressure Submersible Sensor 

The 5000 series features a solid-state pressure sensor (no moving parts) that measures the depth of the liquid via hydrostatic pressure.  Hydrostatic pressure is the pressure you feel on your ears as you jump into a pool and start to swim to the bottom.  That pressure is measurable by the 5000 series pressure sensor 


In order to calculate the amount of PSI (or Bar) that you will see in your tank, please reference the infographic below: 


5000 Series features: 


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