How Gems Non-Contact Radar Sensor Is Used in Mud Drilling Tanks

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Drilling mud or drilling fluid is used in the drilling process for oil, natural gas,  or even water.  The drilling mud is as it sounds, a thick mud like fluid.  The drilling mud can be water-based, oil-based, or even gaseous .  The main purpose of the drilling mud is to aid in the drilling process in a few different ways.  It helps provide hydrostatic pressure to limit other fluids in the ground from entering the well bore.  It also helps keep the drill bit cool and clean during drilling.  Lastly it helps carry out drill cuttings from the well bore.   This drilling fluid is crucial for drilling rigs so it’s necessary to monitor the level remaining  to prevent from running out!  However due to the extreme viscosity of the liquid, traditional level sensors struggle to provide a reliable and consistent reading.


Challenge:  Finding a non-contact and accurate level sensor that can work well in Mud Drilling tanks and not be affected by high condensation or changes in temperature.     

Solution:  Gems  Non-Contact Radar Level Sensor 

The Gems r adar is a non-contact continuous level sensor Radar technology works by sending out short microwave signals toward the liquid via the sensor.  The microwave signal then hits the liquid surface and bounces back toward the sensor.  The sensor utilizes the time-of-flight principle which uses the known speed of the microwave, and the time it took for the signal to return, divided by two (since it had to travel down to the liquid and then back up to the sensor) to determine the distance between the liquid level and the sensor.  Since most level is based on the height of the liquid, not the height of the non-liquid (air), the air height is subtracted from the total tank depth to determine the liquid level!   


So, what makes Gems radar level sensor a good fit for Mud Drilling tanks?  Gems radar sensor is a perfect fit for Mud tanks for several reasons.    

  • Non-contact design means no media ever comes in contact with  the Radar sensor.  This eliminates the need to worry about material compatibility between the media and sensor components. 
  • The non-contact design is by default a no moving parts solution, which eliminates the potential for any mechanical failures from a float-based sensor.    
  • The non-contact design also eliminates the need to use large floats with long stems, decreasing shipping cost and shipping transit time.  This also makes installation  time a fraction of the time saving countless labor hours.   
  • Also, since it never comes in contact with the media, there’s no  issues with debris coating or causing a float to get stuck, which easily happens in Mud fluid.   
  • Radar through the air technology is a very accurate sensing technology and can detect liquid level within 5mm , with no effect on its accuracy based on changes in temperature or pressure.    
  • Radar technology is not affected by condensation or dust in the air like ultra-sonic based sensors.    


Mud tanks shown below.  



The above characteristics make Gems  radar sensor an ideal solution to work in Mud drilling tanks.   With a standard 4-20mA output it is compatible with almost any type of controller or display.  Gems radar sensor also has built-in Bluetooth® capability making configuring the sensor to your specific  tank easy and hassle free.  Gone are the days of manually filling and emptying the tank to configure your sensor.   

In addition, this simple configuration setup has the ability to  sense obstructions within the beam angle and ignore them.  This increases the potential installation areas as there is no need to work around tank obstructions like pipes or other sensors .  This helps save countless installation man hours and eliminates the potential failure modes from dozens down to practically one.       

Gems Non-Contact Radar Level Sensor  is an excellent match for Mud Drilling Tanks.       


Additional Sensors used in Mud Drilling Tanks  

  • XT-36490 Flange mounted level transmitter with large 8” float  
  • XT-66400 NPT Mounted level transmitter with large 8” float  
  • XT-48700 Side bracket mounted level transmitter with large 8” float


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