Fire Truck Breathing Air Tank with 2600 Series Pressure Transducer Cleaned for Oxygen Service


Modern fire trucks are full of numerous controls and sensors:  water level, water pressure, water flow rate, tire pressure monitoring, vehicle grade and slope indication, etc.  One of the most important systems on the fire truck is the Auxiliary Breathable Air system. 

The Auxiliary Breathable Air system is mounted right next to the ladder so as the fire fighters are in the air assisting victims in a fire, they can provide them with fresh, clean air.

Challenge:  Finding a reliable, robust pressure sensor that will survive all different types of environment conditions, has a long-life expectancy and is Cleaned for Oxygen Service 


When a fire truck is dispatched to an active fire, and needs to get the ladder in the air to save humans from a burning fire, relying on their on-board systems is Priority #1.  There is no time to make sure everything is in working order.  There is no time to calibrate a device.  There is no time to check a device.  The firefighters pull up to the scene and spring into action.  Their life support systems need to be ready to go on time, every time.   

Solution:  The 2600 Series Pressure Sensor Cleaned for Oxygen Service  

The 2600 Series Pressure Sensors are designed based on the tried and true CVD technology that withstands the shock and vibrations that are present while being mounted on an over-the-road vehicle.  The sensor is also designed for hot & cold temperatures for they can be used anywhere in the world and under emergency situations.   



The 2600 series features a 0.25% full scale accuracy spec, a 0.5 millisecond response time and a 0.2% full scale total drift error make them a reliable part of the air breathing system.   


Finally, the sensors are “Cleaned for Oxygen Service”.  This way, as they are installed and being used on the Breathing Air System, any of the residual oils and debris that are commonly found after manufacturing are removed so the oxygen that the sensor is measuring is provided clean and safe to the people in need.  



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