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9000 Series Digital Pressure Gauge & Transducer

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9000 Series Digital Pressure Gauge & Transducer is designed to have a wide input voltage range, input to output isolation, immunity to noise and self-diagnostics. The 9000 series digital pressure sensor is ideal for electrically noisy environments or applications where earthing or grounding can be a problem.


3 - 20 days
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CE ROHS Gems Compliant CSA


  • High Accuracy Over Wide Operating Temperature Range T.E.B. ±0.2% Span
  • -40°F to 185°F (-40°C to +85°C)
  • Excellent Long Term Stability
  • Small Size: 1" Diameter; .60" Length (25mm Diameter; 120mm Length)
  • Isolated High Speed CAN Interface - ISO11898
  • Programmable Update Rate
  • Standard Application Interface - CANopen DS301 & DSP404
  • In System Programmable
  • Self Diagnostics - Bridge Fault Detection
  • Hours in Service; Watchdog; Last Calibration Date; Next Calibration Date
  • Unsurpassed Customer Support - Rapid Development Kit
Sensor Type
Strain Guage (Sputtered)
Minimum Temperature
Maximum Temperature
Minimum Pressure
500 psi
Maximum Pressure
10,000 psi

9000 Pressure Transducer Product Manual

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Gems Sensors Instructions, 9000

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Gems Sensors Catalog, 9000

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  • Transportation
  • Transportation - Test & Measurement