2400 Series Slimline Borehole Pressure Transducer

The product has reached its End of Life and is no longer sold.

2400 Slimline Borehole Series High Pressure Transducer
  • Triple Sealed to Ensure Immersible Integrity
  • <10m Seconds Switch on/Settling Period
  • 3/4 Inch Diameter

Gems™ Sensors & Controls 2400 series immersible pressure transducer has been specifically designed to meet the rigors of long term immersion. A custom designed hermetic header guarantees that water cannot enter the pressure transducer even if the cable sheath is damaged during use. The large bore vent tube is connected directly to the back of the sensor which provides rapid venting, even on the longest cable run. The sensor itself is impervious to the effects of water guaranteeing long service life even in areas of high humidity, which can cause condensation. The all welded electronics enclosure is completely segregated from all other areas with the electronics themselves designed to provide fast switch on and settling to ensure maximum battery life and ease of calibration.

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