65800 Series Single Channel Zener Barrier

65800 Series Single-Channel Zener Barrier
  • Limits D.C. voltage and current to the hazardous area and provides a path for fault current 
  • Intrinsic safety with solid-state reliability 
  • Compact size streamlines installation 
  • Space-saving in multiples 
  • Encapsulated construction is impervious to dust and moisture

The exceptionally compact design of Gems™ 65800 Series units saves space and simplifies installation; especially in multiples on a common mounting plate. They provide great economy as well since no explosion-proof enclosures are needed for sensor wiring. Encapsulated construction is impervious to dust and moisture. Single-screw mounting is standard, but units can be supplied with an optional clip for rail mounting. The single through-mounting screw also provides electrical connection to ground through the earth-grounded mounting surface. Any non-voltage-producing sensor or switch is rendered intrinsically safe for hazardous locations when properly connected to the output of these Zener Barriers.

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