Intrinsically Safe Zener Barriers

Gems Barriers Render Any Non-Voltage Producing Sensor or Switch Intrinsically Safe

SAFE-PAK® RELAYS: These intrinsically safe units amplify sensor load-handing capabilities in a wide diversity of AC and DC control switching applications.

Zener Barriers: These passive, energy-limiting devices, provide intrinsically safe DC outputs for a variety of sensors such as level and flow switches...level indication transducers and transmitters...and many others.  The maximum energy possible at the switch terminals of the SAFE-PAK® and Zener Barriers is far below the explosive point of the most volatile surrounding gas conditions.  The type of non-voltage-producing switch or sensor best suited for the application can be utilized, since the entire switching circuit is rendered intrinsically safe by the SAFE-PAK® or Zener Barrier.  As the switching circuit is low voltage, there is no shock hazard to operating or maintenance personnel.


Other Electronic Relays & Barriers

65800 Zener Barrier

54800 Series Dual Channel Zener Barrier
  • Intrinsic safety with solid-state reliability¬†
  • Since no explosion-proof enclosures are needed for sensor wiring, these units further provide economical installation¬†
  • With encapsulated construction, 54800 Series Barriers are impervious to dust and moisture¬†
  • Optional clip available for rail mounting
Zener Barrier

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