Electronic Non-Intrinsically Safe Relays

Non-Intrinsically Safe SafePak
  • SPST, N.O. Operation 
  • AC or DC models 
  • Amplify current handling capability of sensors for controlling high power loads 
  • Compact, polysulfone bodies are totally encapsulated 
  • Impervious to shock or vibration 
  • Solid-state reliability

Gems solid-state switching units perform the functions of electro-mechanical relays, with the added reliability and advantages inherent in solid-state. Compact, totally encapsulated, and impervious to shock or vibration, these units mount anywhere... even directly on working machinery. 

LOAD-PAKS®: integrated, solid-state switches that amplify current handling capabilities of sensors for controlling high power loads. SPST, N.O. operation, AC and DC models.

SPDT-PAKS: enable one low-current sensor to control two independent loads up to 5 amps each. Switching is N.O. for one load and N.C. for the other.

FLIP-PAKS: provide low-current, "start-stop" or "on-off" switching for industrial motor, liquid level and other control systems. Units hold operational state up to 1/2 second during momentary power loss to cut nuisance shutdowns; low voltage protection is inherent. 120 VAC and 240 VAC models handle loads to 5 amps. 


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