Introducing Gems' New CPS-100 Series Pressure Sensor

Available in a compact design and constructed from a Stainless-Steel housing, the Gems’ CPS-100 Series Pressure Sensor works in varying fluids and gases to provide you with accurate feedback.  It has been value-engineered to incorporate a rugged and dependable design.  No programming or adjustments are needed.  Simply install the sensor, connect your electrical circuitry and away you go.  


Value to Customers:


  • New compact, high-performing sensor is ideal for rugged industrial applications requiring high levels of reliability, & consistency at unbeatable price-to-performance.  
  • Heavy-duty construction includes all-stainless steel wetted parts, able to handle high shock and vibration conditions. 
  • Light-weight and compact package size supports applications where weight and space additions are limited. 
  • Exceptional temperature specifications and robust EMI provide stable readings under pressure and temperature with the ability to survive in harsh electrical environments. 
  • This series offers common pressure ports and electrical connectors for ease of adaptability.
  • Design has been built with consideration for leading pump, compressor, and power generation OEMs, and system piping architects/constructors.


Features of the Gems’ CPS-100 Series Pressure Sensor:


  • Pressure ranges:  Starting at 0 to 150 psi (0 to 10 bar) up to 0 to 1,500 psi (0 to 100 bar) 
  • Accuracy:  0.25% Full Scale 
  • Proof pressure (over pressure) rating:  2 times Full Scale 
  • Burst pressure rating:  3 times Full Scale
  • Wetted parts:  17-4 PH SS
  • Electrical Connections:  M12, Packard, Min-DIN 9.4 mm
  • Pressure Ports:  ¼” NPT, G1/4, G1/4 with SoftSeal, 1/8” NPT, Schrader SAE #4
  • Small footprint:  most models are only 2 inches (50 mm) long
  • Lightweight:  most models are under 2 ounces (57 grams)
  • Lifetime:  designed for more than 100M cycles
  • Temperature range:  -40° F to +185° F (-40° C to +85° C)
  • Enclosure:  Sealed to IP67
  • Approvals:  CE, RoHS



Gems CPS-100 Series Pressure Sensor can be can be used in a wide range of OHV, Compressor, and Industrial Applications:


With 0.25% accuracy, stainless steel design and a competitive price, the new Gems CPS-100 Series Pressure Sensors are the best solution for your pressure sensing applications.




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