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CNG/LNG Stations

The Challenge:

CNG/LNG compressors, storage vessels and dispensers are the heart of natural gas refueling systems for point of use and fleet services vehicles. Due to its favorable attributes, CNG/LNG is becoming a preferred alternative fuel.  Per some estimates, CNG produces 70% to 90% less CO emissions than traditional fuels and costs less than $1.50 USD per equivalent gallon of gasoline.  As a result, a growing number of CNG/LNG refueling stations are being installed alongside of traditional gas/petrol stations.

The Gems Solution:

Our customers leverage our extensive product breadth, industry approvals and engineering application knowledge to serve multiple applications CNG/LNG from storage to distribution.  This allows for a simplified supply chain and a reduced cost structure. We are the preferred solution provider for OEMs that manufacturer storage vessels, natural gas compressors and natural gas dispensing equipment.

Contact us today to find out how Gems Sensors plays a vital role within the Oil & Gas sensor industry. We have the experience to customize a solution for your specific Oil & Gas sensing needs. 

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