Series 3C Warrick Electrode Fitting

Buy Series 3C Warrick Electrode Fitting at Gems Sensors
  • External Side Mounting 
  • Cast Iron or Brass Housing
  • 1-4 Probes 

Series 3C side chamber fittings are cast iron or brass, pressure-tight chambers containing up to 4 probes from 1-1/2 inch (38 mm) to 6 inches (152 mm) in length. Pipe tappings provide connection to the side of boilers and pressure vessels to equalize the level in the chamber with the level in the vessel.

  • Gauge Tappings
  • Pressure Tight
  • Tricock Tappings
  • CSA Approved
  • FM Approved
  • U.L. Recognized


  • Boilers 
  • Hydropneumatic Tanks 
  • Steam Generators 
  • Pressure Vessels 
  • Pump Operation 
  • Low Water / High Water Alarm