LED SureSite® Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the function of the Mini LED SureSite?

  • The Mini LED SureSite is a visual level sensor with continuous analog output.  It works well in water, coolant, light oils in industrial and marine applications. The LED SureSite is perfect for application where there is low or no ambient light.
2. What is the longest length available?

  •  It is available in lengths up to 120” connection to connection. Consult factory for other options.

3. Can I get an integral connector and/or mating connector?

  • For qualified OEM volume consult factory.
4. What is the output signal fir the LED SureSite?

  • Standard output is a 3 wire 4-20 ma. 0-5 VDC and 0-10 VDC are also available.

5. Does the LED SureSite have circuit protection?

  • Consult Instruction Bulletin for proper wiring.

6. Will the LED SureSite require maintenance?

  • See instruction bulletin for recommended maintenance.

7. Can I adjust the location of the visual shroud in the field?

  • Location is fixed and selected at time of order.

8. Are the LED’s visible in direct sunlight?

  • Yes. Optimal viewing is at a slight angle off center.

9. Will the LED SureSite run off of battery power and/or solar power?

  • Yes, if minimum power requirements are maintained.

10. Are other colors available?

  • For qualified OEM volume consult factory.
11. Will the shroud discolor in sunlight?

  • The polycarbonate shroud is impervious to sunlight and will not discolor.

12. Can the signal conditioner be remote mounted?

  • Consult factory for options.
13. Are all the Mini SureSite connections available?

  • Yes, all connections are available.

14. Can the LED SureSite be supplied without the upper and lower port indicators?

  • Yes, it can be supplied without them.

 15. Can I get visual indication only and not utilize the analog output?

  • Yes, however power is still required.

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