WIF-1250 Water in Fuel Single Point Level Sensor

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  • Designed for OHV and Generator Set applications
  • Compact size, easy to install
  • Operates in plastic or metal tanks
  • Reliable and affordable OEM solution
  • Solid-State – no moving parts

The WIF-1250 sensor is an innovative, no-moving-parts solution specifically designed to detect the presence of water in fuel. The sensor is an ideal solution for OEM’s of off-highway vehicles, locomotive and generator sets. It is also ideal for use with fuel filters. Based on reliable conductivity technology, WIF-1250 sensors are built from robust nickel plated steel for compatibility with temperatures up to 257°F (125°C), and are suited for the most challenging environments or applications. A 5-second delay circuit prevents "slosh" actuation. The sensor is easily mounted in any position.


To detect water in:

  • Fuel filters
  • Diesel fuel storage tanks