XLS-1 Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the function of the XLS-1?

  • The XLS-1 is an ultrasonic point level sensor for applications such as generators, water tanks, radiators, printers, and other industrial applications. It is compatible with water-based and hydrocarbon based liquids, and perfect for applications where condensation may affect other sensing technologies. The gap area detects the presence or absence of the liquid medium and actuates a solid state switched output.

2. What is the media viscosity?

  • This is currently being tested, but the maximum viscosity of the media is approximately 200 cSt. (927 SSU at 100F).

3. What is the longest probe I can get?

  • At this time, the probe length is fixed. For qualified OEM volume contact factory.

4. Can I have another integral connector?

  • For qualified OEM volume contact factory.

5. Does Gems offer a mating connector?

  • Yes, we can offer a mate to the DT04-P3 connector. It can be used on the XLS-1 and also CAP-300 model type. Example Gems part number 248404, TPU Cable, 1 meter long. Longer leads are available on request. A minimum purchase is required.  

6. What is the signal output logic for the XLS-1?

  • Open collector, Sinking NPN or Sourcing PNP output, 5-28 VDC, 30mA max.

7. What electrical terminations are commonly offered for the XLS-1?

  • Integral 3 pin Deutsch (DT04-3P), 18 AWG type SXL flying leads 12-14” Standard or 18 AWG PVC cable 12-14” Standard Alternative wire and cable lengths available upon request.

8. Does the XLS-1 have circuit protection?

  • Reverse voltage: up to 28VDC for 30 minutes. Over voltage: up to 40VDC for 30 minutes.

9. Will the XLS-1 require maintenance?

  • Nearly zero maintenance required.

10. Will the XLS-1 work for an oil application?

  • Yes, except in high viscosity oils. This is currently being tested, but the maximum viscosity of the media is approximately 200 cSt. (927 SSU at 100F).

11. What is the best orientation and mounting for the XLS-1?

  • The mounting orientation is horizontal +/- 60 degrees.

12. What is the delay time for the XLS-1?

  • Standard units come with no delay. For qualified OEM volumes contact factory.

13. What is the response time for the XLS-1?

  • The response time is less than 0.2 seconds.

14. What approvals does the XLS-1 have?

  • It currently has CE (EMC 2004/108/EC), RoHS, UL /cUL recognized.

15. Should I be concerned with moisture ingress with the XLS-1?

  • It is a sealed design which prevents fluid intrusion and passes IP67 and IP6K9K (sensor only) standards.

16. Will it detect foam or condensation?

  • No, the sensor is designed to ignore the foam and condensation.

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