LS-3 Series Magnetic Reed Sensor

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The durable construction of these reed switch designs ensures long, trouble-free service. Because the effects of shock, wear and vibration are minimized, these hermetically sealed switches provide precise repeatability with no more than 1% deviation. The switch actuation points remain constant over the life of the unit.

Gems level switches operate on a direct, simple principle. In most models, a float encircling a stationary stem is equipped with powerful, permanent magnets. As the float rises or lowers with liquid level, the magnetic field generated from within the float actuates a hermetically sealed, magnetic reed switch mounted within the stem. The stem is made of non-magnetic metals or rugged, engineered plastics.

  • P/N 142545 - with Slosh Shield: Compact, all-polypropylene switch with slosh shield is ideal for use with turbulent liquids in small tanks. FDA approved materials.
  • P/N 46999 - Bottle Level: For external mounting on tanks too small to accommodate internally mounted switches. (See note below)
  • P/N 76707 - For Low Level: For detecting levels as low as 5/8" (16 mm) from tank bottom. Use in water, gasoline, some oils and chemicals

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