LS-10 Series Single-Point Leak Detection Sensor

Buy LS 10 Series Single Point Leak Detection Sensor at Gems Sensors
  • Dependable Long Service Life
  • Fits Small, Interstitial Spaces
  • Easy Maintenance

The Gems LS-10 liquid sensor accurately detects the presence of liquid in fiberglass double-wall tanks, containment sumps and double-wall pipes. Dry contact switching ensures dependability throughout its long service life. This reusable leak detection sensor easily fits small, interstitial spaces and senses liquid hydrocarbons or water. The LS-10 Series Single-Point Leak Detection Sensor unit is unaffected by hydrocarbon vapor, thereby reducing the risk of false alarms. The LS-10 sensor's rounded design makes it easy to remove, clean and reinstall after an alarm condition is triggered, or for maintenance.


  • Fiberglass Double-Wall
  • Tanks Containment
  • Sumps Double-Wall
  • Pipes
  • Piping Sumps

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