Fabri-Level Switch Kits

Buy  Fabri-Level Switch Kits at Gems Sensors

Each Kit Contains:

  • 1 Tube Connector
  • 1 Mounting Plug
  • 2 Level Stations (Switch, Tube, Float)
  • 2 Extension Tubes
  • 1 Tube End Fitting
  • 3 Tube Unions

FABRI-LEVEL Switch Kits contain all components for complete assembly of a 1- or 2-station level switch unit for pipe-plug mounting in your tank.  Kits are available in several material and size combinations.  N.O. or N.C. operation of the SPST switch is selectable by inverting the float(s) on the unit stem.  Two 10" (254 mm) lengths of tube are furnished to space level stations as desired.

Kits use the components listed individually on the facing page and above.  Please review for performance and dimensional data.

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