ELS-1100HT Series Single-Point Level Switch

Single Point Level Switch

Slightly larger than the ELS-1100, the "HT" or High Temperature version is made from high performance Isoplast plastic. While maintaining broad chemical compatibility, these units also handle fluid temperature to 212°F (100°C). They feature 3/8" NPT mountings and the shortest of any of our electro-optic switch bodies-HTS versions are a mere 1/2" long!

ELS Series Level Switches are low cost, compact, optical, level sensors with built-in switching electronics. With no moving parts, these small units are ideal for a variety of point level sensing applications especially where dependability and economy are a must.

Level switches are suitable for high, low or intermediate level detection in practically any tank top, large or small. Installation is simple and quick through the tank top, bottom or side. Solid state-switching ensures dependability over long service life.

The sensor offers ±1 mm repeatability and broad liquid compatibility. They are not recommended for use in any liquid that crystallizes or leaves a solid residue.


  • Coolant Reservoir Monitoring 
  • Medical Diagnostic and Sterilizer Equipment 
  • Low Level Lubricant Warning on Machine Tools 
  • Low Level Warning in Food Warmers 

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