Steps for Choosing a Fluid Control Solution

1. Choose – Choose from the largest selection of fluid sensors and controls. Gems has literally thousands of fluid sensors and controls from which we can develop application-specific assemblies.

2. Customize – Partner with us to customize our standard products to your exact requirements. Gems designs, develops and manufactures—from concept & feasibility, through pilot production & validation, to commercial manufacturing.

3. Win – With more than 50 years of fluid handling expertise, Gems will provide the components, sub-assembles or complete systems that deliver performance, lower costs, and quicker time to market.

Don’t settle for an off-the-shelf component when you need a partner that will bring ideas and complete solutions to the table. That is Gems Sensors & Controls.

Complete Systems

Precision Mixer Block

This mixer block was designed and manufactured by Gems as part of a complete fluid handling system.
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Oxygen Mixer

Used for oxygen delivery systems, this sub-assembly was design and manufactured by Gems.
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Medical Fluid Supply Tank

Gems modified a base LS-350 to provide multi-level point sensing while allowing access for container filling and draining. A head unit with screw cap provides a one piece unit for quick tank exchange.