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Please clarify the Maximum temperature specification of 55 °F (25C) above set point for a PDTF temperature switch?

Depending on the setting of the device, each one has a maximum limit based on a temperature range.
Here are the limits for each range.
Range 1:  68 -106°F max temp 161°F
Range 2: 106 -147°F max temp 202°F
Range3:  147 - 183°F max temp 228°F
Range4:  183 - 228°F max temp 283°F
Range5:  228 - 284°F max temp 339°F
Example: The limit on a setting of 75°F can be found in range 1.  68 - 106°F, maximum limit is 161°F. So the maximum temperature the sensor can see is 161F.