Frequently Asked Questions

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Guided Wave Radar (RLI-G)

How is this product different from what Gems offers today?

  • No moving parts
  • Can handle liquid dielectric as low as 1.4
  • Self-configures to media dielectric constant
  • HART protocol comes standard with the 4-20 mA Output

What is the maximum measuring range?

The RLI-G can measure tanks up to 80 feet (24m). Sensing depth is dependent upon options selected.

What is the difference between Guided Wave Radar and Pulse/Free-Air Radar?

Guided Wave Radar, or GWR, transmits its signal via a cable or solid rod down into the tank/vessel. The cable or rod contacts the media. On Pulse or Free-Air Radar units, the sensor does not contact the media and its signal is transmitted down through the air space above the media.

How do I set-up my RLI-G transmitter?

To set-up your Radar Level Transmitter properly, be sure to download the Quick Set-up Guide and follow the instructions step by step.

How close to the bottom and/or the side wall of my tank can I measure?

Each RLI-G probe type has unique dimensional requirements. Please consult the RLI-G catalog pages for the specifics on your desired probe type.