RotorFlow® Integrated Sensor

Paddle wheels have long been used to aid in the optimization & troubleshooting of complex coolant loops. The visual indication of the RotorFlow® Integrated Sensor lets technicians know valves are firing correctly and lines are clear while the sensor output enables controllers to dynamically optimize your system's performance. It's accurate, robust & debris tolerant design mates well with valves, temperature and pressure sensors within a liquid sensing and control module.

  • Adds visual flow indication to your system
  • Scalable Flow range
  • Multiple materials available to ensure media compatibility
  • Debris tolerant
  • Dynamic rotor guards against false actuation





  • Critical coolant monitoring: Lasers, Power Supplies, Guidance Systems, MRI gantries, X-Rays, Semiconductor
  • Warming & cooling blankets
  • Deicers
  • Washdown
  • Service carts


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