Beyond the component

Gems Sensors has been addressing our customers’ toughest challenges for over 60 years. When a “catalog part” just won’t do, we offer a carefully designed custom engineered system. We collaborate with you – engineer-to-engineer – from start to finish (concept and feasibility, design and development, pilot production/launch and commercial manufacturing) to create a solution that will not only address your challenge but also enhance your product. And, with decades of sensor customization experience and hundreds of collective in-house years of engineering experience, Gems Sensors is uniquely equipped to solve even the toughest fluidic management challenge.


Uncover the benefits of a customized fluidic system:

    Accelerate Time to Market

    • Unlock innovation potential and reduce the number of design iterations through early-stage collaboration.
    • Utilize Gems Sensors rapid design process throughout all phases of design from concept through production.

    Solve OEM Challenges

    • Design for manufacturing and reduce supply chain complexity through reduced components.
    • Reduce the footprint and complexity of your fluidic system.

    Optimize End User Experience

    • Improve equipment reliability and safety through higher precision, reduced leak points and improved total cost of operation.
    • Reduce downtime via service-friendly design and modular plug-and-play sub-systems.


    Gems Sensors works to overcome challenges in a variety of applications, such as:

    • Thermal control systems
    • Waste handling systems
    • Gas delivery systems
    • Liquid delivery systems
    • Fluid mixing systems
    • Fluid delivery and conditioning systems
    • Inventory management systems

    Design and Manufacturing Services

    This collaboration continues through design and development where the design is optimized based on your application and end-use requirements. The optimized design then goes through Gems’ pilot production process where dedicated cells are utilized to quickly assess and validate the design ahead of our robust commercial manufacturing process. 

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    Gems works with you – engineer-to-engineer – to develop custom fluidic solutions

    Are you struggling to solve a challenge with your fluidic system? Do you lack internal fluidics expertise? Gems can help! With over 60 years of experience, we've tackled out customers' toughest challenges and offered carefully designed custom engineered systems when a "standard product" just won't do.

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    • Proof of concepts and prototypes will be developed to demonstrate product feasibility
    • If you decide to pursue a customized fluidic system, we'll utilize Gems' rapid design process throughout all phases of design from concept through production

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