Overview of Tank Level Sensing

Gems Sensors & Controls offers a wide variety of tank level sensors. Learn about the differences of the various models.

Video Transcript:

Gems Sensors has been working with design engineers for over 60 years to solve all types of level sensing applications. Design engineers select Gems for their challenging applications due to our durability of our products, the repeatability of our products, and the total product offering.

Gems suite of tank level sensing options allow you to sense anything from water, chemicals, fuels, in variety of applications; whether on equipment, in a factory, or remotely, to solve customers’ tank level sensing needs. We have six basic technology types: float type, radar, ultrasonic, visual, submersible pressure, and mechanical type sensor. Regardless of tank size, or liquid media within, Gems has the tank level indicator for you. There’s not a sensing problem that we can’t solve for the design engineers.