Overview of SureSite Visual Level Indicators

Gems Sensors & Controls offers a wide variety of visual level indicators. Learn about the differences of the various models.

Video Transcript:

Gems Sensors offers a wide variety of visual level indicators. With this video I hope to clear up the differences between those various models. Lets start with the mini SureSite. The mini SureSite is “mini” in name only not in length. It has to do with the size diameter using an inch and a quarter diameter tube to give a visual indication. Here with light oils and water applications – low temperature, low pressure. We are able to see the visual indication as the float moves up and the flags flipping from white side to color side.

It’s sister product is newly released, LED SureSite. Utilizing LEDs to give the visual indication we now have a product that’s ideal in dark spaces whether it's an engine room or part of the factory that is very hard to see in. Keep in mind that the major differences between the two is that the mini SureSite does not necessarily require power to see its indication. Where the LED does. However, the LED SureSite gives you a continuous output as well giving you remote indication.

For higher temperature and pressure situations or lower specific gravity, we move into the standard alloy product. A two and a half inch diameter tube. For applications requiring co-compatibility, we make the plastic SureSite. This is really utilized where you have an aggressive chemical that may not be suitable for 316 stainless steel. In those instances we offer PVC, CPVC, and PVDF or commonly known as Kinard Suresites. All four designs can satisfy your visual level indicator needs whether it's for low temperatures and pressure applications. Heavier duty application - Higher temperature and pressure or lower specific gravity or perhaps a media that is a little more aggressive. Gems Sensors has the visual level indicator for your application.