Overview of Flow Sensors

Gems Sensors & Controls offers a wide variety of flow sensors. Learn about the differences of the various models to help choose the right flow sensor for your application.

Video Transcript:

Gems Sensors offers a variety of flow sensors to help design engineers choose the right solution for their product design.

From applications ranging from beverage dispensing to medical laser cooling and industrial plasma cutting tools. Gems' flow sensors provide reliable and accurate flow sensing to ensure that the correct ratio of mixtures or maximum machine efficiency is reached.

Gems offers two types of flow sensors, Rotorflow Sensors and Turbine Flow Sensors, both of which are dependable and accurate sensing solutions trusted by design engineers in demanding applications.

The Rotorflow sensor is a magnetic paddle wheel, intended for larger flow ranges from 0.1 GPM (gallon per minute) to 60 GPM (gallons per minute). Gems offers four RotorFlow options allowing for a choice between visual indication, pulsed DC output, and adjustable switched output.

The turbine flow sensor is a rotating turbine wheel, intended for lower flow ranges from 0.1 GPM (gallon per minute) to 8 GPM (gallon per minute). Gems' Turbine flow options are compact, lightweight, and include NSF approved options.

Whether it is to measure low or high continuous flow rates, or for cooling or dispensing applications, Gems Sensors has the flow sensor to fit the form and function of your unique application. Visit GemsSensors.com today to find the right flow sensor for your application.