ExOsense Non-Intrusive Liquid Level Sensor

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  • Non-Intrusive, Never Touches the Fluid 
  • Eliminates Fluid Contamination 
  • No Calibration Needed 

The new ExOsense™ is the first and only affordable, non-intrusive liquid level sensor for plastic fluid containers. ExOsense™ sensors adhere to the outside of plastic bottles and are unaffected by the color or transparency of the plastic. Liquids inside the bottle are untouched, so with ExOsense™ there is no issue of material compatibility or contamination. Best of all, ExOsense™ sensors fit any size and shape vessel, from small bottles, to large tanks.

The Exosense™ sensor head features a peel-and-stick adhesive face that can be affixed anywhere on the outside of the tank to act as a liquid level gauge that provides high, low or any intermediate point level fluid sensing. A detachable USB type mini-cable feeds the solid-state switch unit.

Equipment Used On: Hematology, Immuno-chemistry, Histology, Medical Laser Systems, Hemodialysis, Cytology. 


  • Fluid Monitoring Application 
  • Reagents 
  • Waste 
  • Diluent 
  • Detergent/Wash 
  • Dialysate 
  • Coolant 
  • Sterile Water