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the art & science of fluid handling

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At Gems Sensors & Controls - Medical Sciences, the art of fluid handling begins with science, strict discipline and proven methodology. From our extensive IP portfolio and experience we work with you to deliver the results that matter—on time and on budget. Serving the Medical industry for more than 20 years, we’ve turned our science into an art.

Getting Results with Fluids

By leveraging our expertise and technologies, Gems is able to deliver custom, engineered fluidic systems, solutions and integrated sub-assemblies better than any other company in the world. We combine a unique array of intelligent sensors, world class lean manufacturing tools and ISO certificated quality processes to significantly increase efficiency, productivity and quality.

Gems Enjoys a Strong Base of Intellectual Property

With our growing portfolio, Gems Medical Sciences offers a broad range of proprietary and legally protected technologies. Our patents cover a range of sensing and control technologies as well as certain designs and manufacturing processes.





Fuid Handling

Fluid Handling

We Can Put Our IP to Work for You

During the initial project review stage, Gems, along with our clients, develops an agreement addressing the assignment of intellectual property from our joint collaborations and the licensing of Gems existing patents for your application – where appropriate. We try to find legally protected competitive advantages for our clients whenever possible.